Animation/Simulationen  Cinema4D, Houdini
Compositing  Nuke
Modeling  Cinema4D
Rendering  Arnold, Maya
Edit  After Effects
Texturing  Substance Painter, Quixel Megascans​​​​​​​
This work focuses on developing a full CG Automotive-Spec-Spot using a procedural workflow with Alembic Caches. A virtual vehicle (Dynamic Rig) is created in Cinema4D, allowing easy application to any vehicle. Houdini is used for procedural visual effects like water droplets, splashes, and smoke. The final phase involves rendering Alembic Caches and VDB volume simulations with Arnold and compositing in Nuke using AOVs and Cryptomattes for the desired look.

Car Rig
Water Droplets
Water Puddle
Procedural Environment
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