Game Engine  Unreal Engine 4
Animation  Cinema4D, Adobe Mixamo
Assets  Adobe Fuse, Cinema4D, Marvelous Designer, 
Unreal Marketplace, Quixel Megascans​​​​​​​
Coding  Blueprint(UE4), C++ (Visual Studio)
Modeling  Cinema4D, Maya
Schnitt  After Effects
Texturing  Photoshop, Quixel Megascans​​​​​​​, Substance Painter
​​​​​​"Mazzilli" is a desktop and virtual reality game that I developed during my sixth semester of study. The game's engine was Unreal Engine 4, and the gameplay logic was implemented using Blueprints and C++. The style is inspired by Ubisoft's game "Far Cry Primal," and it is compatible with the Oculus Quest VR headset.
In the game, players collect resources to craft weapons used to combat enemies and free their fellow tribe members. The more resources collected, the greater the yield from each source. Freeing tribe members grants new abilities that prove useful for weapon crafting and healing. In addition to clubs and bows, players can utilize firebombs and set traps.
Musik: Far Cry Primal (Full Soundtrack) | Jason Graves (

Musik: Far Cry Primal (Full Soundtrack) | Jason Graves (

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